The Carter’s Rumi & Sir Carter Brief Birth Details

After being a new mum of twins for a month, Beyoncé decided to finally reveal a photo of her and JAY-Z’s twins Rumi and Sir Carter last week.

And now, we’ve been gifted with even more birth details!

This week, TMZ revealed that the twins were delivered by none other than Kim K’s OB/GYN, Dr. Paul Crane. Even more exciting though, we found out which of the twins entered the world first!

On June 13 at 5:13 A.M., Rumi was delivered, and in the same minute, her bro followed!

… Of course 1st Carter born Blue Ivy Carter is loving her role as big sister. One source spilled how the five-year-old is even helping her superstar mummy take care of the babies!


A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Plus, her parents have been making sure their daughter is getting as much attention too, so there’s no sibling jealousy.

Sounds like the Carter household couldn’t be more perfect!




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